Designed for Success

Make sure that your favorite student is taken care of at our comfortable college community. Classes are moments away, shuttle buses offer convenient transportation, and a 24/7 courtesy patrol added for peace of mind. We provide all the ingredients for success so that students can focus on school – and parents can rest easy at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper address to put on my package?

Can I mail out packages from the View?

Why do I need to pay for August, even if I move in late August?

Why do I need to pay two months up front?

What are the office hours?

Where is my deposit held?

If I get locked out of my room is possible to get another key?

May I choose the specific apartment that I would like?

Can I make holes in the wall to hang objects?

How to pay rent online (using e-check)

Am I able to use either gym at any time?

During move-in period, I will be arriving around 10 pm; will there be any one help me move in by then?

How much will I pay for utilities?

I don't have check/ cash/ bank account by the time I arrived; can i pay my rent a little bit later?

How many guests am I allowed to have at one time?

How do I pay online?

How are late fees assessed?

What happens if I get towed?

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